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Best albums of 2024
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My Dying Bride
A Mortal Binding
Rotting Christ
Pro Xristou
Of Grace and Gravity
Blazing Eternity
A Certain End of Everything
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All-time favourites
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9.38 (69 votes)
Welcome My Last Chapter (Wings of Sorrow)
9.35 (145 votes)
9.35 (142 votes)
Storm of the Light's Bane
9.34 (387 votes)
Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler

9.32 (293 votes)
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Most metal countries Largest band pages: 2023 Visitor count:
Norway(96 bands)
Sweden(95 bands)
Germany(82 bands)
USA(78 bands)
Finland(70 bands)

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My Dying Bride55767 kB
Cradle Of Filth43166 kB
Kalmankantaja40832 kB
Moonspell38911 kB
Dimmu Borgir34703 kB

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Longest Songnames
1) Multi-Nationals Corporations / Unchallenged Hate / The Kill / Lucid Fairytale / Dead / Stigmatized / Deceiver / Make Way / In Extremis / M.A.D. / Common Enemy / Success / You Suffer ! (Napalm Death)
2) The Dark Liege of Chaos is unleashed at the Ensorcelled Shrine of A'Zura Kai (The Splendour of a Thousand Swords gleaming beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean Empire Part II) (Bal-Sagoth)
3) The glorious liberation of the people's technocratic republic of vinnland by the combined forces of the united territories of europa (Type O Negative)
4) Scene 3 : Retrouver son Útat initial, Úviter. avant qu'il ne soit trop tard - In the mental confinement (mosa´c of infinite visions) (Anorexia Nervosa)
5) The Kill / Prison Without Walls / Pseudo Youth / Lucid Fairytale / Dead / Point Of No Return / Moral Crusade / Human Garbage / Scum (Napalm Death)
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Stats generated at: 06/11/24

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