All That Has Never Been True

1. Dispel

Can I bury my shame in you?
Can I bury my heart there too?

All I wanted to tell you,
all I wanted to say,
is something you always knew.

I've been to hell,
the gates I saw,
never again
like never before.

Put to the torch,
the taste of rust
and all I saw
destroyed was us.

2. Der alte Feind (Jeder Tag rei├čt Wunden)


So finite, so small.
Nearer to nothing I walk, I crawl.

Disintegrate my thoughts.
I fail, I fall.

But you and I, we've been through that
like severed limbs that we once had.
So many demons, so many hells,
living on the outside of everything else.

But you and I, we've felt all that,
like all the throes that we once had.
So many demons, so many hells,
living on the inside of everyone else.

It will be coming forever:
no more time than time itself.

3. Bathed in Lightning, Bathed in Heat

Fate up against my will,
pore over it for days on end.
I know I can't stop what you began.

You see me but you never saw
the side of love you didn't want to know.
A long lost dream with new veneer
this silence is more than all my fear.

Dry the marrow from the bones
it gleams as dark as stars are stone.
Die into them and leave your breath,
this is what you wanted
and thus shall have.

4. He Knew and Did Not Know

5. Carrion (To Walk Among the Spiders)

Some set the world on fire
so they feel warm for a little while.
It's all in there, aspired.

Some are born to wander blind
and some are born to endless night.
It's all in us, desired.

Another life, all gone.

We are meant to fear,
for as long as we are here.
Nothing that we seem to know
or even understand.

To bury our faces once again,
until the dark air's like fire on our skin,
until even the moonlight is blinding.

6. Haloes in Reverse

Once and for all.

Alone with the questions of when or how.
Today and tomorrow,
the caskets that we know.

Each passing moment
diverts to follow its own course
ever so strangely.
Mourn the sleepless children,
in shapelessness we are one.

My half-toned existance,
my half-lit world,
twilight after twilight after twilight.

7. Rats Gorged the Moon...and All Fell Silent

Days full of doubt, nights full of sorrow
...it will all end now.
Don't you stand at my grave, waiting,
for I will not be there.

I never wanted what life wanted from me
I never wanted what life gave to me
This beautiful lie of a mother's womb -
the pious trick, for it's the tomb.

Just like the small shadows,
hissing across the lawn
only to get lost in the sunset,
no two times are alike,
no two fates are the same.
We are the first to fall.

Salvation waits for noone and soon
I will forget that the world has forgotten about me.

Weathered consoler, hideous to behold
Gaunt immortality in black and gold.
I don't want to know what's on the other side.

What's lost in the fire I will find in the ashes
of who I used to be, for now I am settled in a world
where it's always dead with darkness
and alive with light.

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